PHPInfo in Bootstrap Style

Einfach in den Body der Bootstrap Seite reinkopieren.
$phpinfo = ob_get_clean();

# Body-Content rausholen
$phpinfo = preg_replace('#^.*<body>(.*)</body>.*$#s', '$1', $phpinfo);
# XHTML-Fehler korrigieren
$phpinfo = str_replace('module_Zend Optimizer', 'module_Zend_Optimizer', $phpinfo);
# <font> durch <span> ersetzen
$phpinfo = str_replace('<font', '<span', $phpinfo);
$phpinfo = str_replace('</font>', '</span>', $phpinfo);
$phpinfo = str_replace( 'border="0" cellpadding="3"', 'class="table table-bordered table-striped" style="table-layout: fixed;word-wrap: break-word;"', $phpinfo );
$phpinfo = str_replace('<tr class="h"><th>', '<thead><tr><th>', $phpinfo);
$phpinfo = str_replace('</th></tr>', '</th></tr></thead><tbody>', $phpinfo);
$phpinfo = str_replace('</table>', '</tbody></table>', $phpinfo);
# Schlüsselwörter grün oder rot einfärben
$phpinfo = preg_replace('#>(on|enabled|active)#i', '><span class="text-success">$1</span>', $phpinfo);
$phpinfo = preg_replace('#>(off|disabled)#i', '><span class="text-error">$1</span>', $phpinfo);

echo '<div id="phpinfo">';
echo $phpinfo;
echo '</div>';

3 thoughts on “PHPInfo in Bootstrap Style

  1. A small addition to your code could be to place an “arrow-up” next to each “” in order to take you up to the top (because the document is very long): php: $phpinfo = str_replace(”, ”, $phpinfo);
    $phpinfo = str_replace(”, ‘‘, $phpinfo); and javascript: $(‘.phpinfo_top’).on(‘click’, function(){
    $(‘html, body’).animate({ scrollTop: 0 }, ‘slow’);
    }); (providing that jquery is already loaded and font awesome are also included)

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